Who else is sick about essays titled ‘My Holiday’?

WHY can't our bloody teachers understand that we're waaay past the stage about talking what we did in our bloody holidays?! WHY do they insist? I mean how the freaking hell are you going to write an INTERESTING essay with the title MY HOLIDAY on top. That's like the king of all cliques!Who agrees with me?

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3 Responses to “Who else is sick about essays titled ‘My Holiday’?”

  1. anecdote's says:

    hahaha yes, agreed

  2. wingbows says:

    100% agreed. I don’t know how many papers I have from school that were written about my holiday. Honestly, there’s nothing exciting or interesting about laying back and relaxing. Or the case of the stolen pickle jar…It’s placing drama where drama doesn’t belong. And then it all sounds so cheesy, so fake and cringe-worthy in the end.

  3. diverted says:

    We actually don’t get essays about our holidays. We don’t get to write essays at all.You should tell your teacher that; tell her you’re sick of writing an essay about your holiday every single time (since you’re basically writing the same thing each time) and tell her to give you other topics to write about, something more interesting.And agreed, no holiday essay is going to be interesting.”I went on a vacation.”Fascinating.(Note sarcasm).