How is a paradigm of teaching and learning formed?

i am a graduate student and i’m writing an essay on the topic

The Glass Castle – Sexism?

Was there a part in the book where sexism was involved? I’m trying to find a quote for it for my essay, but I can’t recall any events for it. Help?

How do I change the point of view in second person?

I’m writing a three-page essay on the importance of home. This is the last paragraph of the first half, after which I want to switch to the point of view of the homeless person.”You put on your sneakers and walk towards a silver sedan on the driveway. After taking a seat, you tiredly stare at your garage for a few more seconds before starting the engine. Thank god it’s Friday. A couple miles into the drive, you see a woman and two infants on the side of the road. She’s holding up a sign which reads: “Laid off. Foreclosure. Please help.” Fleetingly, you consider what it might be like to have no home. That woman’s children might have never seen a place to call home. But it’s best not to think about these things. It’s not like you have much money of your own to spare, anyway. And you have to put on a cheery show for the patrons.”How do I execute this?

Can someone give me two examples of irony in the play oedipus rex. Need for essay.?

his wife being his mother.him killing his fatherhis father’s leaving him to die causing him to not know who his father is and thus killing his father.

Developing a thesis for Evolution vs. Creationsim essay?

I am in the process of writing an essay on the topic of Darwin’s theory of evolution vs. creationism. I am taking the side of evolution, and need help developing three main points.

Is this a good start to a college essay? I am not done yet?

I am writing about an influential person:”Mom, make me a peanut butter and jelly, and don’t forget to put the jelly on top.” These are the resonating words of my Uncle Sam, who is by far the most influential person in my life. Our relationship started from the day I was born, when he was only _______ years old. Although that is way too far back for me to remember, my parents have shown me several pictures of him feeding me, and in every picture he has the biggest smile I have ever seen. My first memory of my relationship with him was when I was about 7 years old and we were riding our bikes down a small hill outside of his house. As he isn’t one to play things safe, he thought it would be fun for us to put on some sort of “danger show” for our parents. We spent hours planning the great show and we eagerly rushed to get our parents and show them what we could do. The show was an “extraordinary” display of my uncle laying down on the driveway and me riding around him. When he first suggested that we do this “dangerous” trick, I was astonished that he would have such trust in me. I barely even knew how to ride a bike, yet he had enough confidence in me that he believed I would not make his face a permanent piece of the driveway. This was the first major influence my Uncle has had on me. That day he taught me the power of trust. His trust in me gave me the confidence to ride my bike at a level I never even thought possible. This idea has followed me from that day on. I like to have confidence and trust in others so that not only do they have more confidence, I have the satisfaction of knowing that I just boosted someone’s self-esteem. For example, if one of my friends is feeling nervous about an upcoming test, I reassure them that they are very intelligent and are going to do fine. Even if they are shaky in the subject of the test, they have more confidence in their abilities and that confidence enables them to do better on the test. Not only will my friend feel better about him/herself, I will gain the satisfaction of knowing that I helped them. The next lesson my Uncle Sam taught me is one that I never wanted to learn in the way that I did. I never thought this would be possible, but I have learned some of my most important lessons for my Uncle Sam during his seven year period of silence. This period of silence is because he has been in a hospital for all of this time after suffering through several strokes, a major surgery, and now bacterial meningitis. During these seven years, my Uncle Sam has had more influence on me than anybody else in the entire world, without every even saying anything. I remember the first time I went to see him after he was finally declared to be in stable condition. He was sitting in a wheelchair hooked up to a million machines, and he had a device inserted into his throat to allow him to breathe. I felt like I was in a horror movie. However, the thing that caught my eye the most was the huge smile he had on his face. All I could think about was how he could possibly be smiling after all he had been through and the condition he was in. When I saw this smile I thought back to the pictures of him from when he was holding me as a baby. He had the exact same smile on as he had in the pictures. This one smile has to this point, been the biggest influence of my life. In this particular situation, a smile was worth a thousand words. In that smile, my Uncle Sam taught me a valuable lesson: always stay optimistic and always maintain a positive attitude. If my uncle can live through every day of his life with severe brain damage and bacterial meningitis with a smile, then by God should I be able to turn everything into a happy experience. No matter how bad something may be or seem, I am always able to find the positives in what may seem to others as a horrible situation. For example, last year when my Dad lost his job and my mom was not working, everyone in my family was panicking. I on the other hand, took it as a positive thing. From being in this situation we would learn to be more money conscious, spend less money on luxuries that do nothing but spoil people, and cut down on energy consumption therefore preserving the environment. I then preceded to say “At least we still have a house”. I also take this same positive attitude into the school environment. If I get an F on a test or quiz instead of crying and complaining to the teacher, I just accept the fact that I failed and get on with my life. I make sure that I don’t let that F haunt me for the rest of eternity or else that grade will become a frequent occurrence. I then precede to put the F behind me and remain confident that I’ll get an A+ on the next assessment. I am extremely thankful that my Uncle taught me the power of optimism and positive thinking because it has helped me in my schoolwork, my relationships with others, and it has helped me get through tough times.

Has anyone out there ever read “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gil man?

I have to write a essay on this story and just have a few simple questions for someone who has already read it.

What is the best way to start this essay…..?

What would you like to achieve through your experience?I really need help… its for an application into a program with NASA…. and im having a hard time starting it.. i really want to work for NASA hopefully become and astronaut and ive wanted to since i was little.. i want to put that into it, but im still having a hard time starting it and what i should put in the introduction… i would really appreciate if someone could help me out just a little bit its due soon and im getting really stressed lol… Please and thank you :D

What are the links between Abraham, Ibirham and Muhammad (pbuh) during Hajj?

Just for an essay on why the 5 pillars of Islam are important to Muslims. Thanks! Plus if anyone has any information on what places they visit, what they do there, the symbolism behind each of these or what muslims wear that would be wonderful :D ! Thanks.

Is this well written?

This an excerpt from an essay I’m currently writing. Are there any errors?Society: A Progression Towards Complete IgnoranceIs it truly puzzling that a society in which its interests only carry them so far as to the local supermarket, in which they would stand in line for hours, if not days, to get their copy of some futile item, would be ever ignorant of a thief in their back pocket? How can a society with such a characteristic be expected to persist, or in the very least be conscious of the latest election? In 2008, only a little over half of America participated in voter turnout. This is not an impressive number considering the country of Iraq had a 98% voter turnout in their election even under the threat of death from ever existent terror organizations. The reality of this is too many American citizens are simply not engaged in what matters, but are fully participant in needless activities. Still, this is not a call for imposing anything on American citizens; doing so would contradict the very essence of freedom. But it is a call for serious concern, and a serious look at the realistic future America faces.